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Review of the Ridge Wallet

Going over the Aluminum Gunmetal with Cash Strap

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NOTE: I bought this wallet with my own money and Ridge had no involvement with this review at all.

Some Background

I’ve used a few minimalist wallets which mostly started with Dash Wallets with the Slim Elastic Wallet 2.0 then I moved to the Slim Wallet 3.0 which was my go to for a few years. After some time I moved to the Simple Bank’s leather wallet which was made by Tanner Goods which has my go to since I got it a year or so ago. With the sad passing of Simple I’ve been looking for a replacement which wouldn’t be made of leather and instead a form of metal.

Ridge Wallet

Since I got some ads on my social media feeds I’ve been looking at their wallets but I couldn’t pull the trigger until recently since the base price is $85 USD while the Dash Wallets are around $20-$30 USD and the Simple wallet was free. I picked the “basic” version which is the Aluminum Gunmetal version and here is my review after having it and using it for about three weeks.


Front of the box

Back of the box

Everything included


  • Pros
    • RFID blocking
    • Compact
    • Metal build
    • Not leather
  • Cons
    • Pricey for most people
    • RFID blocking (I’ll cover this in the paper cuts section)
    • Tough to use (in the way that the ads and videos show anyway)

Paper Cuts

  • Kinda tough to get the cards out though this might change as the strap wears out a bit.
  • Not good for if you have an HID card used for doors and other places. I keep mine in my pocket with the wallet though I may put it on my lanyard with my keys.

Should you get this?

If you match up with my needs or are pretty similar then yes! One of the big tips that I can give which I believe Ridge give as well is to put your top two cards on the top and bottom of the stack. I wouldn’t recommend it if you are in the need to carry change with you or prefer leather.