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Desktop Linux Part 1

My general thoughts of Desktop Linux

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NOTE: This isn’t a beginner focused post as I will be using Linux terminology.

About me and my Linux Journey

I’ve been using Linux as a desktop OS since around 10 with Ubuntu 10.10. I’ve mostly stuck with the default layout that Ubuntu uses when it comes to the partition layout:

  • UEFI (BIOS before I had UEFI hardware)
  • Root
  • Swap

I’ve messed with having a separate /home partition before but as I pretty much stayed with the Ubuntu based OSes for a while I didn’t see the need anymore. Any benefit that you get from it can be done with having good backups with tools like Deja Dup or Pika Backup anyway.

My System76 Journey

When I started at System76 I was just using Linux (Ubuntu mainly but some Arch) as an OS like pretty much everyone else would:

  • Browsing the web
  • Writing/Read documents
  • Sending and receiving emails

Opposing Views

Outside of the normal users I would game and some times write code. Now pay attention to the italicized word there as what advanced users would label as normal users is very different then they would label themselves. Normal and Advanced users have much more in common then some folks believe:

  • They use the Internet
  • They write and read documents
  • They send and receive emails
  • They need a stable system that they can depend on

Stay tuned in for more!

I’ll put out part 2 very soon and let me know what you think of this post and your thoughts on my social media!